Lexi’s newsdesk

Hello all Little Meadower’s

Well the new outdoor season has started and I must say Springtime UKA show didn’t live up to it’s name, it was very cold, wet and very windy. I don’t do wet and windy (I sulk if I don’t want to do something!). Fortunately my mum thought it was too dangerous for me to do agility as I’m little, she said I might be blown off the dog walk and with my big ears I could fly away and never be seen again. However I did do a few good things before the wind got too strong. I was pleased to come home where I didn’t move away from the fire all evening, not even to get on anyone’s lap.

Easter Celebration was a bit better, especially on Sunday. I met up with about 13 of my brothers and sisters. Some were older and some were younger. It was great at first but then I got a bit fed up of posing for photos and annoying puppies. I was very very pleased to see my favourite sister Dilly. We playing together both Saturday and Sunday and also ran in the Grade 5-7 pairs where we came second. My mum was very pleased not only did we get a trophy and rosette but she also got an Easter egg. Julie (Dilly’s Mum) was so pleased she gave me a bag of very tasty treats.

David Cowderoy made me a very happy dog, he produced out of his pocket one of my very favourite toys, a raggy. I thought he had lost it and there it was. I got so excited tugging it and just couldn’t help barking. I hope he doesn’t lose it again it’s worth an awful lot of money!!!!
Happy training everyone