Belated Dog Vegas update

Meant to have done this last week but still on catch up on work at the shop.
Big well done to everyone, think all enjoyed it, from helping On Tim’s ring, competing, and of course the socalising in the evenings.
So many winners, Ann, Kay, Karen, Gloria, Tim, David, Sarah and Me. Sorry if I have missed anyone, but I think everybody came home with a rosette of one colour or another.

Big congrats to Sarah and Diva for winning up to Grade 5.
Also well done to Diva, Shyla and Quiz for qualifying for various Finals.

Very proud of everyone.


Success At Dog Vegas

What a Fantastic week I had at Dog Vegas with both my girls.
 Am still in shock with what we achieved.
Diva not only started the week off with a 3rd place in the 3-5 Dog Vegas qualifiers which meant she has now qualified for the finals next year.  She then went on to Win 3 Grade 4 Jumping classes to take her into Grade 5.  Shyla started the week off not weaving in the ring but by halfway through the week her confidence started to improve and finally managed to get those weave. She managed a couple of 3rd places in the Grade 4 agility classes.  On the last day both the girls pulled off a couple of great runs in the ABC qualifier and both Qualified  for the finals next year.  Just wanted to say a massive Thankyou to David and Mandy for all their encouragement and help with my dogs and  having faith in  Diva that she was more than capable of going up the Grades.  Looking forward to the coming shows and can’t wait to go back to Dog Vegas again next year.